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Does it NOT *** EVERYONE OFF when a GIANT cable channel such as Disney Channel plays the EXACT SAME EPISODES of their shows, (some of which have 100+ episodes to choose from,) everyday?

My kids don't even like to tune in anymore. What the *** am I paying for?

I swear to GOD, when I find out the EXACT person to talk to about this, heads will roll. Seems the more money we pay each month for cable and satellite, the WORSE the channels GET!!!! More f*cking commercials that NO ONE CARES ABOUT and my kids tune in to watch "Ant Farm," and start whining, "they showed this one yesterday at the same time, change the channel...."

SO! What's DISNEY CHANNEL say about this?

NOTHING!!!!! They don't give a ***!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I am the only one!!!!! Maybe you don't MIND paying for the same *** over and over and over and over...........

Monetary Loss: $104.

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Columbus, Ohio, United States #993628

that is why I do not even watch Disney at all


Hey guys! That's GREAT!

Keep on supporting the channels! Like I said, US PARENTS, me the dad and still married to my wife for 20 years, (***) are getting tired of paying a LOT of money for TV and shows which have 100+ episodes to choose from, play the same 12 episodes over and over. But you *** *** keep on enjoying them. People like YOU, who enjoy getting F8cked by companies, you probably LOVE filling up your GAS GUZZLING cars for $3-$5 a gallon instead of when the prices SHOULD be.

You're missing the point, and you probably check back here OFTEN to just waste REAL people's time with your *** opinions.

So to YOU RICH ***, my MAIN statement wasn't for you anyway. So STFU!!!!!!

to laddiega Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #746269

I guess that means you have cancelled the TV service that has been raping you, and your children are outside playing. Right?

to MikeBrady #746294

No! They're with your MOM!!!!


Grow up! I have that complaint about all of the channels.

The new season starts and there might be half a dozen new episodes, and then it is back to repeats.

Many years ago when I was young the repeats didn't start until summer, then as soon as school started the new episodes started and there were enough to last until summer. Also most of the programming is pure trash.

to anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #746327

Hey, ***, I am not talking about those 3 channels you and your poor family had to watch, I am talking about the channels you pay EXTRA for. Although, you are probably stealing your cable or still on an antenna.

So, how about you STFU! K?

K! :) :?

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #745987

"Heads will roll" That was funny! Yeah, your little repeat episode complaint is going to cause an uproar.

Here's a better idea. Cut the cable!

There is plenty of good, free, broadcast programming to choose from. Or the kids could go outside and play.

to MikeBrady Los Angeles, California, United States #746328

Yeah, I bet you would like that. I bet you're a little *** who loves to watch kids play outside!

TROLL! :eek

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