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Disney sucks because there is no monstober or any good shows at all on there anymore. Andie mack, bazardvark, and a literary every other show is horrible.

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I agree no shows that are good . To many commercials not enough real Disney movies.

No new real funny shows for families miss the real Disney. Tired of the reruns they show the same shows back-to-back on all the Disney Channel's all the time tired of Gravity Falls and never did like bizaardvark don't think Ravens funny at all to actually laugh I can't get the family together to watch any shows or any movies cuz none come on that anyone wants to watch anymore I don't even want to watch it anymore and I am Disney's biggest fan and it's what I normally do on my Friday night as watch Disney and I don't like the new zombie movie I didn't know that was what the only one that they had all summer long and I don't like The Descendants the first one I don't know how they made a second and I don't know why they're releasing the third not good nobody I know even watches that movie don't know how that became a Disney thing it's not Disney that's something that should just be on freeform or basic ABC is like a Saturday night showing movie as a special because it ain't no nothing special on the Disney Channel but I'm tired of the bunk'd and the Jessie reruns let's run something else that matters that's fun that's funny that's going to bring families together please show less commercials stop remaking things leave it alone so stop have Pixar start helping making these shows they could do a better job

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