Carluke, Scotland
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The number of irellavent adverts hald way through a programme is beond rediculas. Advertising towards children is upsetting.

You as an organosation in it to make advertising revenue are not ontrested in your audience.

Should be shut down. At least i dont pay extra for this piece of crap.

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Whatever happened to watching the real Beauty and the Beast Alice in Wonderland Aladdin Tinkerbell Monsters Inc you guys show constantly like bunk'd and Jessie reruns all the time in these remakes like Raven Let It Go bring some real comedy family friendly get together movie stop showing the commercials I missed a Little Mermaid 1 2 and 3 I miss so many Disney movies you don't show none of the real Disney movies you should have a Channel 4 just Disney movies all day on like Disney Junior said I like the BJ and the the game show who wants to sit there and watch someone play actual video game on TV that's ridiculous to me please bring back the family loving fulfillment comedy that Walt Disney started

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