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Disney is praising the dark side of things, all these shows represent some kind of evil and the characters act backwards and weird. I'm gonna stop having my child watch their channels.

Disney get it together because I gurantee your gonna lose plenty of customers and this mean a reduction in income, which is something you need.

However, stop showing these shows which clearly have a subliminal message. Oh, and with Google tracking phones it doesnt matter I f@@kin said it

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Now i know Disney is affliated to the view I am very disappointed for a long time . I have no time to listen to the hatred on this show.

If you back this show you are just as bad as they all are And i know lots of familys that will not go to any of the parks that Disney has . That show hasnt been good since Barbara Walters . But it is just getting worse.

All they do is spread their views only and seen where people that appear on there never get a chance to talk between all the yelling of all the host . The show should not even be on the air

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1227243

After what Disney did in firing their American tech workers a couple of years ago and hiring foreign ones in their place, I am surprised anyone still does business with or has anything to do with that company.

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