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I notice that in all Disney channels for Kids there is now a very heavy use of interracial relationships. Disney just promotes these kind of relationships and brain washes people.

Almost in all scenes you see a mixed couple, mostly a black boy with a white girl. Even if same gender, you rarely see a same race friends, like two whites or two blacks. You now rarely see a normal, same sex relationships. Children are brain washed into these relationships and soon they will even think that there is something wrong with a normal, same race relationship.

I ask my daughter not to watch these shows. It is also never a mixed race. You rarely see a chinees, korean, or arab. It is always a mix with a black.

I think Disney is doing everything to please them and doesn't care for the rest. Now there are also more black dominated shows than white ones.

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to Baby Obama #1131020

True and it's so sickening

Fort Myers, Florida, United States #838571

These says anything not same sex or interracial is considered by the masses as racist.


There is nothing wrong with an interracial relationship. Disney including them in movies is simply art imitating life.

There are plenty of interracial couples.

You are ignorant if you believe that the world is not becoming more mixed as time goes on. Please do not post your backwards ideas.


How ignorant of you. :P You're not even worth trying to talk sense into. I bet you're ugly though ;)

to Anonymous #833517

Your comment was decent until you mentioned attractiveness. Why did you destroy your logically sound argument with a playground insult?


why do think interaiccial marriage is abnormal. whats wrong with kid seeing that black and white people can be in love


Really !Actually who give's a ***.Only poor "White Trash"Would think of something like 'Brainwashing Kids"On a "Disney or Any other channel network.It is poor white trash that messy up the world.Most kids i know do not think about "COLOR OF SKIN".All of you who posted these type of 'COMMENTS"Are Sick.Black kids are taught that we are all the same in "Gods Eyesight.And you sick *** white people makes me sick trying to make yourselves "Better Than Anyone Else".Wake the *** up.If you do not want your kids playing with "Black Kids"That is find.But please do not try to make it seem like this is a problem,Because it is not.It only becomes a problem when "*** *** People Like yourself interfear with something so small as this.Actually if you think about this situation and All other situations,Whites are the cause of all the problems in the world.They want to be in charge of every "Dam thing and Look what "Happen"You all are walking around with your "Finger stuck up your "***"looking like the "Dam Fools That You Are".Believe me if it were left up to me,I would never allow my child to associate with "White Kids"But i have more respect for others than to do something so "***".Next time use your "Real Name ***."People like yourself do not"Deserve To Have Kids"Because they will never get anywhere in life being brought up thinking they are"Better Than Anyone Else"Because they are "Not".

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #656345

Yea, this *** is all over Disney. Fed up with it as well.

Trying to make abnormal the new normal.

Naples, Florida, United States #618116

You can thank the government and all those people who demand this as 'discrimination'. ***, the latino world got bent over their latino character not being brown enough.

Dallas, Texas, United States #618069

This is absolutely true, if you think this is false you do not watch Disney programming. Anything Disney has been banned at my house.


to LPeterson #816070

Your an ***! Disney is staple of lot of children childhoods.

It's magic! :cry :cry :( :cry :( :( :( :cry :cry :cry

to Mykah #816156

Magic my a s s Disney was created by someone who supported Hitler and the ***.Why anyone would give their money to such a place or product is insane.Childhood dreams vs. six million people murdered should be written childhood nightmares.

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