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I notice that in all Disney channels for Kids there is now a very heavy use of interracial relationships.Disney just promotes these kind of relationships and brain washes people.

Almost in all scenes you see a mixed couple, mostly a black boy with a white girl. Even if same gender, you rarely see a same race friends, like two whites or two blacks. You now rarely see a normal, same sex relationships. Children are brain washed into these relationships and soon they will even think that there is something wrong with a normal, same race relationship.

I ask my daughter not to watch these shows. It is also never a mixed race. You rarely see a chinees, korean, or arab. It is always a mix with a black.

I think Disney is doing everything to please them and doesn't care for the rest.Now there are also more black dominated shows than white ones.


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to chey #1387812

I take issue with the notion that the majority of people in the world are not pure blood anything.That's ridiculous.

What about China or Japan? What about the people of India? Most countries aren't like Brazil. Most countries have majority pure populations.

Besides, most people express one race phenotypically, even if they are marginally genetically something else.

Furthermore, the meat of the issue is that people don't like the propaganda that Disney peddles because most people want grand kids that look like them racially and there's nothing wrong with that.To use a common parlance nowadays, it's okay to be white.



You should tell your children that they can love whoever they want as long as they're happy! Race, gender, religion... It doesn't matter.

It's about love.It's 2015, for god's sake!

to Anonymous Maryville, Missouri, United States #1208904

Ok, I'll accept that.What if there is an agenda?

What if it isn't art imitating life? Are you ok with media portraying this relationship as more common than not. When I was coming up, of the girls I knew who hauled coal, they did it as a rebellious act primarily or their low self esteem led them to buy the blacks pick up lines. "Your man keep you happy...yih yih...

I'll keep you happy...yih yih". The reality was usually that ten years later she would find herself raising two or three mixed kids by different father's, leeching off of the state. My question is this. From an evolutionary standpoint, if I have huge resources to support many children, I'm good looking and I am an athletic, tall, smart, white boy, should I stop at the standard two children or run around in a lecherous manner, impregnating any woman of the next race up the hierarchy of social status?

Should I be required to pay to raise children of the not-so-well-off who've systematically made bad decisions? Should my television screen show me that I'm not the common, ideal suitor? Instead, this man is portrayed as the one with the opposite qualities of a decent, moral man (recently. historically).

Look at single motherhood amongst blacks.Disney is way off on their view of the best mates for white women.

to Anonymous #1219448

Honestly, I'm white as well, I don't understand how such backwards thinking still exists in our country. Blatant racism, and in all honesty, seems like you are just sore that white women would pick black men over you. You are pathetic.

Redmond, Washington, United States #968222

The Disney company is controlled by Jews now.They want every race to mix, except the Jewish one.

You can read Jewish complaints about Jews marrying non-Jews on the internet but because they use religion as an excuse no one calls them racist. They promote interracial relationships, Hollywood has for a long time.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, 1960s.They want everybody to be brown but them.


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(found this posted on ROR)

These are sold by Disney World the same company that sets a bad example according to the OP

to Anonymous #860909

Phil Sears has a never ending supply of disney signatures and he lives a lavish life style selling them


It is so white girls will have a baby Obama!Obama 2016!

the success of Obama has inspired much of it. The new Katie Perry video also has three white girls ogling over a black man dunking a basket ball.

This shows superior genetics in their eyes, and many white women simply desire a strong black man to raise a family.Many are also taught that white men are inferior because they don't rap or dance.

to Baby Obama #1131020

True and it's so sickening

Fort Myers, Florida, United States #838571

These says anything not same sex or interracial is considered by the masses as racist.

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