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I notice that in all Disney channels for Kids there is now a very heavy use of interracial relationships.Disney just promotes these kind of relationships and brain washes people.

Almost in all scenes you see a mixed couple, mostly a black boy with a white girl. Even if same gender, you rarely see a same race friends, like two whites or two blacks. You now rarely see a normal, same sex relationships. Children are brain washed into these relationships and soon they will even think that there is something wrong with a normal, same race relationship.

I ask my daughter not to watch these shows. It is also never a mixed race. You rarely see a chinees, korean, or arab. It is always a mix with a black.

I think Disney is doing everything to please them and doesn't care for the rest.Now there are also more black dominated shows than white ones.

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I agree.Although I find nothing wrong with interracial relationships, I don't like it pushed on me.

This person is right, all the Disney kids show have almost all interracial relationships with hardly NO same race relationships.

It is rather annoying.It's obviously being pushed by someone high up the Disney ladder.

to Anonymous Springfield, Illinois, United States #1313892

Just don't watch Disney. You will be fine.


Your are racist. You are saying that interracial relationships aren't normal. You legit said that in your text and then said that they "rarely show regular relationships" You need help, honestly it saddens me to know that there are people out in the world like you.

Washington, Missouri, United States #1186703

I agree this is getting out of hand something needs to be done about this asap. Very pissed off about it

Denver, Colorado, United States #1179267

If you see something wrong with interracial relationships to the point where you won't let your kids watch sites in fear that they'll be "brainwashed" into think those relationships are ok, you're a racist.I don't know what you're talking about but there's not that many interracial relationships in Disney shows, and even if that small amount bothers you, especially because it's black people your worried about, I think you're the one brainwashed here.

You shouldn't be worried at all about your kids thinking interracial relationships are ok. They'll like who they like regardless of race, and even if it did influence them, why are you even remotely bothered by it in the slightest? You shouldn't even notice in the first place.

People are people.Shame on you.


I don't mind interracial relationships BUT I do hate the agenda that Disney seems to have. They do show a lot of interracial relationships now and the majority of the time it's white girls and black boys. I'm a white female who is attracted to men of all races but I think Disney should include other races if they're going to push interracial relationships.

to catsarefriends Springfield, Illinois, United States #1313893

Just marry an East Indian. You will be fine.


This guy is correct.I have nothing against interracial couples I just hate how Disney is pushing it so hard.

I watch disney shows with my kid and you DO see more interracial couples on KIDS shows than same race couples. It's like they are trying to convince kids that this is what is normal and should be practiced and encouraged. And it is always a Black guy with a White girl. How about a mexican girl with a korean boy?

Or an Indian boy with a Black girl. Why is it alway a Black boy with a White girl.

I think Disney has an agenda.I wonder who is in charge of casting at Disney?

to Anonymous San Francisco, California, United States #1219443

There's nothing wrong with interracial couples, and if you had nothing against them, then you wouldn't imply that interracial couples aren't normal.Same race couples are in no way more "correct" or "normal" than interracial ones.

To begin with, casting of people of color is rare, then they are rarely protruded as serious or equal to their white characters.It's backwards thinking like yours that held back interracial couples till recent years, and currently keeps the racist undertone in our country.

Baldwin City, Kansas, United States #1040504

Because there isn't wrong with interracial relationships....The majority of people in the world today are not pure blood anything.To raise your children believing that there is something wrong with loving someone outside of their race is the true indoctrination.

I can only hope that in the future you think about what you post on the internet, because not everyone is as narrow minded as yourself.

Hopefully one day you will be enlightened and realize that there is nothing wrong with the mixing of races, it is actually a beautiful thing.It is a symbolism of acceptance, and an end to THIS sort of indoctrinated, brainwashed mentality.

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