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My wife recently told me she watched an episode of Andi Mac with my 10 year child who really enjoys the show. My wife and I were very upset to find that one of the main characters on the show is an openly *** child.

I am angry that you decided to promote this show knowing the backlash it would receive from Christian viewers. You obviously have no respect for Christian viewers or their beliefs. The old and new testaments of the Bible teach us that homosexuality is sin, Romans 1:24-27. I understand that NOT everyone believes that the Bible was written according to God's will but you should respect those that do.

With that said, I think you should respect those in the LGBT communities that do NOT believe in the word of God. I wouldn't ask you to air a show where a Christian is counseling someone against homosexuality. I've heard rumors that the people that run Disney are openly for the LGBT and I have no problem with that. However, I do have a problem with you promoting a show knowing that that show would offend an entire Christian community.

That shows a complete lack of respect for Christians and that you do not care about our beliefs.

We've discussed Andi Mac with our 10 year old child and told her that she cannot watch that show anymore. In fact, after writing this complaint, I am strongly considering canceling the Disney network.

Product or Service Mentioned: Disney Channel Andi Mack Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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By creating a *** character Disney is teaching children acceptance, and demonstrating to children of a young age that they can be fully themselves without fear. It is important for young children to be shown that there is not only one type of lifestyle: that of a straight white person. In this age and generation people are not afraid to be themselves, and children of all ages should be educated and understand this.


Shut your annoying *** *** up. I feel bad for your children bro.


Hit them in the pocketbook - it's all those greaseballs of greed understand.

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